Liang Daoxing, Member of Party Leadership Group of Shenzhen Municipality

First Deputy Director-general:

Huang Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal Government

Deputy Director-general:

Zhao Guanghua, Deputy Director of Nanshan District Government, Shenzhen

Ke Gangming, Deputy Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Liu Pingsheng, Director of General Office

Senoior Advisor:

Li Nansheng


Zhang Yu

Deputy Director-general:

Le Zheng, President of Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences

Cai Mingyuan, Deputy Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Li Changgong, Deputy Director-General of Bureau of Education of Shenzhen Municipality

Yin Yong, Deputy Director of Scientific, Technological, Industrial, Trade Development and Informationization Commission of Shenzhen Municipality

Xuan Zhuxi, Deputy Director-General of Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC 

Yin Yaotang, Deputy Director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Shi Zhigang, Deputy director of Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Yin Changlong, Deputy Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Ding Lina, Deputy Ddirector of Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipality

Director of General Office:

Liu Pingsheng

Director of Human Resources Department:

Li Chaoqi

Director of Finance and Audit Department:

Sun Hongming

Director of Marketing Department:

Zheng Mingjun

Director of Venue Department:

Xiao Wei

Director of Sports Department:

Mai Wuqiang

Director of International Relations and Cooperation Department:

Wang Yuwen

Director of Media and Communications Department:

Guo Jun

Director of Cultural Activities Department:

Zang Chen

Director of Logistics Department:

Lin Jia

Director of Security Department:

Wang Weidong

Director of Information Technology Department:

Lu Xingen

Director of Volunteers Department:

Cai Yifang

Director of TV Broadcast Department:

Luo Han

Director of Opening and Closing Ceremonies Department:

Shi Gang

Director of Legal Affairs Department:

Li Rui

Director of Universiade Village Administration Department:

Zhou Yanbing

Director of Supervision Department:

Guo Jingwei