Shenzhen People’s Hospital

Located in Luohu District, it was former Bao’an County People’s Hospital and has now developed into a modern comprehensive hospital with multiple functions, advanced equipment, experienced professionals.

Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital
It was the former Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital. As one of the city’s two big comprehensive hospitals, it has 1,100 beds and 29 ward sections.

Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital
It was the former Shenzhen Central Hospital. A big modern comprehensive hospital invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, it has been incorporated into the medical management of Beijing University. It is also the clinical, teaching and research base of Shenzhen, Beijing University, and the Medical Center of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Built in 1975, the hospital has developed into a comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, disease prevention and rehabilitation.