IBC is short for International Broadcasting Center, which is located on the 3rd and 4th of MMC. It is a non-competition venue which serves as the central
operational , production , technical and administrative base for the broadcast operations of the Games.Media can record signal, edit and satellite transmit here
IBC Signal System will allocate real time television signals of each venue to different work offices, providing common signal for every studio, single and common signal for edit room, uplink signal and live single for media.

Hours of Operation 7:00-19:00(8-12 Aug) 24 hours (13-24 Aug)  Offices Bookable Time: 1-12 Aug  Media staff who hold the media work card are allowed to enter. The IBC consists of Studio, Single Signal Edit Office, Common Signal Edit Office, Fiber Transmission Engine Room and Microwave Satellite Transmission Engine Room, which are used to broadcast the games.
Information Distribution System and Inquiry System in the IBC are convenient to all media to search information for their production.
In addition,the IBC is accommodated with the Universiade Information Center, Universiade Emergency Command Center, and Universiade Management Center. Their functin is to coordinate the IBC making it runs successfully .

The third floor International Broadcasting Center

Host Broadcaster Work Area